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DHM Films Limited video production London, Surrey, New York, Madrid, Sevilla and Madrid

Our production team works hard to provide our clients the best solution according to their needs. We manage the whole production process from concept development to completion.

We provide International video production services to allow our clients get access to the markets worldwide.

We can oversee every aspect of your video production in-house, from planning and concept generation, through to scripting, production and post-production.

What sets us apart from other film production companies is the sheer level of quality control we apply to every facet of the video production process. It must look and sound exceptional before it leaves our studio.

So whether its live-action, animated, or a mixture of the two, we can handle it all in house and work with you on your marketing campaign strategy to maximise the effects of the video and ensure the very best return on investment. Contact us at or call us at 020 8133 2982 to study your case.

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. You are true professionals."

"I would like to convey my thanks and also say how impressed I was with the professionalism and standard of the work supplied to us."

"Your are amazing professionals, all of our expectations were exceeded on every level"